A Second Glance: “Celebrating A Healthier Detroit”, Fitness & Wellness Tent

             If you did not attend The McKinney Foundation’s 3rd Annual Health Expo “Celebrating a Healthier Detroit”, I strongly suggest you mark your calendar for the next one, which will be Saturday, August 10th, 2013!

                On August 11th, 2012, I was a part of a movement that touched the lives of Metro Detroiters. With a combination of “live” entertainment, healthy cooking sessions and tastings, fitness demonstrations, interactive health seminars, immunizations, children’s activities and amazing give-a-ways, participants had a blast and received plenty of resources to help jumpstart their healthy lifestyle journey. This event was by far the most engaging health event that I’ve ever experienced and I believe anyone who went would say the same!

               Have you ever participated in Yoga? This was just one of the many fitness demonstrations that took place under this year’s Fitness Tent. Fitness Professionals from all over Metro Detroit gathered on August 11th to help educate people on the importance of physical activity and the benefits of incorporating fitness into their everyday lives. The fitness demonstrations were developed to encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to participate and get active.

Below you can read about one Instructor who graciously volunteered her time under the Fitness & Wellness Tent for the 2012 “Celebrating a Healthier Detroit” Health Expo.

 Yoga with Kristina Pruccoli 

               My first experience with yoga was in high school. I took my time experimenting with the many different styles of yoga practice. Then I left the practice for a period of time to pursue a degree in the Fine Arts and in Art Education.  In 2007, I reconnected with my mat and began my yoga journey once again.  I practiced with diligence and pleasure.  I studied and practiced under Linda Kay Nathan with her compassionate guidance and subsequently achieved the RYT designation. Cultivating my craft by experiencing many different teachers as well as a long time dedicated practice to Ashtanga.  I recently returned from 3 months in India studying Ashtanga with Sharath Jois.

I am a teacher in my heart and remain committed to life-long learning.  My mission is to serve yoga practitioners as a caring guide, helping them to explore and expand freedom of expression of the body, mind and spirit. Though teaching, I have the unique opportunity to continue to develop myself in the shared quest for the fulfillment of our human potential.

My blog: www.livethisbreath.blogspot.com

Yoga is for everyone: for people old and young, thin and obese, yoga is accessible. There are many different options that make the practice of yoga possible for everyone. At the 3rd annual “Celebrating a Healthier Detroit Expo” participants learned just that. Under a tent with the earth as our mat we did chair yoga. It offered the opportunity for everyone to experience the power of yoga regardless of his or her condition. We did simple poses using a chair to open hips, hamstrings and groin; exercises that participants can take home or to work. Sharing the benefits of yoga with Detroiters showed them how it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the body and mind. What a wonderful opportunity!

Be sure to check back for future blogs that will feature other Fitness Professionals from The McKinney Foundation’s 3rd Annual, “Celebrating A Healthier Detroit” Expo. To learn dates of all upcoming Healthy Seminar series visit our facebook page or website at http://www.McKinneyFoundation.org.

Whitney Harrison is a fitness and wellness professional for CompuWare.  She served on the 2012 Planning Committee for The McKinney Foundation’s 3rd Annual, “Celebrating a Healthier Detroit” Expo.


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The McKinney Foundation is a nonprofit organization established on three pillars: Health, Entrepreneurship and the Environment. Our core focus is to address educational equity as it relates to ensuring ‘access and opportunity’ to quality programs that promote healthy living, entrepreneurship and environment responsibility.
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2 Responses to A Second Glance: “Celebrating A Healthier Detroit”, Fitness & Wellness Tent

  1. vicki dallas says:

    Very Proud to know you and watch what you do for others. Detroit’s comeback is due to work by you and your friends and coworkers.

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