Fitness Blog, Pt. II

Altonio Seahorn II, Master Trainer & Owner, Complete Victory Fitness & Health.

In my previous Blog, we said “Just do it, just get started” with a Walking Program. I trust and hope that you have begun that walking regiment.

Before, the challenge was to just get started, and now, in this next Blog, I provide you with tips to enhance or make your walking experience more challenging.  Are you ready and excited about this new challenge? Well, I am! I call it “3-Minute Stair Challenge!”

Now, that you have chosen to either park a further distance away and walk from your car to work or to walk with a group of friends during lunchtime or after work. It’s time to ramp things up a bit by combining another simple add-on.  Stairs—yes, stairs! If there are stairs in your office building, school or home, I want you to use them. If the stairs you plan to use resemble, let’s say, stairs at Joe Louis Arena—then, I would recommend that you start off slowly, and perhaps not go all the way to the top of the stairs on your first try, but rather build up to that point.

So, here’s what I challenge you to do. Begin with a set number of stairs to climb. If you have an unusually large flight of stairs, decide on the exact number of stairs you will climb before you get started and try to remain committed to that number. As an example, start with 10 to 15 stairs, which may not sound like a lot at first. However, it can be when combined with your Walking Program.

Next, set your cellphone timer for 3-minutes! Now, the fitness benefit with stairs is that real work is put in going up stairs—not necessarily coming down, LOL.  With that in mind, you want to walk up a flight of stairs to the next floor.  If you are not completely winded after, continue to work that flight of stairs up and down for the entire 3-minutes.

Otherwise, if climbing that one flight of stairs has you winded, then use the elevator as a rest period. Take the elevator down to your starting point then finish up with your Walking Routine. Adding this 3-Minute Stair Routine should be a challenge.  If your walking routine generally takes you 15 minutes, you now just added 3-minutes of stair work for a total of 18 minutes or if that proves, too, challenging for you, extend your walking program to 18 minutes.

Listen to your body. Whatever you decide to do—just have fun with it! Remember, the addition of a flight of stairs does not need to be so strenuous that you find yourself discouraged.  Recall, last time we chatted, I stated goals should be S.M.A.R. TSimple, Manageable, Attainable, Reachable, and Timely.

Suggestion: First starting out, chose something attainable such as using stairs in your home from the basement to the 1st floor or something as small as a flight of stairs that has between 4-7 steps and just do that for 3-minutes up and down. I conduct this simple assessment with each of my clients to test their cardio fitness level. It never fails–clients are always amazed at how much work goes into walking up and down stairs for 3 “full” minutes!

Until next time, remember—looking good makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you look good.  Have an awesome day!


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